Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I know that its not winter anymore....

I realize that spring has sprung. There are little flowers all over my yard. I have avoided mowing the lawn because it looks so lush out my window.  In the south we had an abnormally harsh winter. I am so enjoying putting on shorts and going barefoot. Unfortunately, I haven' t felt all that great. I  have been getting in the bed earlier and working on crafts. I hope that I can get on the up swing of things so I can spend more time outside. 
Even though it getting warm out side. I still want cozy soft things to surround myself with. I bought this Angora yarn back in February with my B-day money. 
I started the bigger scarf a week ago, when I went to put the edging on. I realized I had stitched a few of the edges wrong. I went to fix one and I ended up undoing the whole thing. I had all these nice size yarn balls wedged between the pillows. When I made the scarf for the second time I ended up with leftovers. I made the little thin scarf to sell. They are both sooooooo soft. I wish that I had enough money to buy a ton of this yarn and make a blanket out of it. I wish I could use them now. 
I also spoke of my yellow dyed curtains for the living room in an earlier post. I had only posted a shot of the teal ones I made for the bedroom. I love the yellow. They let the light in, but the neighbors from looking in.  So, here we are.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silver Make-up bag

This was my old make-up bag. I made it out of the silver vinyl. I created it before I had the blog. It is the perfect size and very durable. The zipper was never sewed in properly. I have noticed that the holes around the seam at the zipper were getting big and I was losing make-up in my car. So here is prototype #2
I re-used the button, ribbon and zipper. I hope that this one last as long as the other one did. I also mastered the art of putting the zipper in. I really enjoyed recreating the project and working out the bugs. I inverted the diagonal on the side seam. I kept losing the smaller items in the corners. It also makes the opening seem bigger. I didn't do any decorative stitching, it was hard to see on the old one. Took me about 30 minutes start to finish. The hardest part is turning the bag right side out after sewing. The vinyl is super stiff. My hands always ache after using the vinyl to make bags.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kaffe Quilt

Look, I finished it! It ended up working out great. The perfect size for a throw. About 60x60. I debated and debated over what to do about the quilting. Again, I could see myself messing up the fabric. Finally, I decided I would  just simply stitch in the ditches. I was super happy with that choice. I washed it and it came out so soft almost a little puffy. I am super excited. I love the Kaffe fabrics together. It really works with what I have in the living room (the yellow matches the dyed curtains perfectly). The backing is the yellow from the trim and a few scraps. I think that was the fastest I have ever completed a quilt. I did not want to use super thick batting. I am excited too because I have left overs of this fabric. More Pillows??

Monday, March 15, 2010

Silver Flower Bag and Kaffe Quilt

 I made this bag for my sister awhile ago. I forgot to take a picture before I gave it to her. I used the waste band of a pair of wrangler jeans for the inside. It made a nice set of pockets for the bag. I made it rather large so that she could get some books in it. I used silver vinyl for the bottom to make it stronger. I would love to make a few more like this to sell at some point. I was so thankful that she sent me these images. I this was fairly easy one day project.
I also worked on this quilt for the living room. I love this Kaffe fabric. I cut large squares from the fat quarters and then I used the leftovers to make a long binding. I am going to use a yellow to finish off the quilt. I think it will be a nice blend and contrast.  I am really excited by this fabric and hurried through this project. I just could not cut up these awesome prints. I wanted to leave the squares as big as I could. Cant wait to see the finished quilt.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Day

I have finally completed all of the blocks for the king size mountain fence rail . I used up a heck of a lot of fabric in order to create the 224 7.5x7.5 blocks. It feels good to put the fabric to work. After I embroider on a handful of blocks I will start on piecing it all together. This will be interesting to see how heavy it is. I want to quilt it. I am super concerned that I wont have the room to do it. We'll see!
I also created these super adorable pillows out of Kaffe fabric. I recently fell head over heals for this fabric. It certainly spices up my boring leather couch. A quilt is next to come!!! So super excited over these little guys. I bought the best inserts I could find. I have found it makes a huge difference. They are the perfect size.