Friday, July 29, 2011

Handwriting and Books

I come from a long line of ancestry buffs on all sides of the family. I spent many childhood summer days with a family member in particular who wanted me to take an interest in my family history. Of course, I didn't really appreciate it at the time. I did fall in love with old handwriting, and would attempt to decipher it. Folks took their cursive seriously back in those days. They wrote captivating prose. You get a true sense of who the person is who wrote it. It is not a simple automatic response but with a narrative. I truly love seeing the original papers much more.
A cousin recently found a copy of a relative's old will in state archive.This lawyers hand writing is tight and precise. He uses a lot of legal rhetoric which is entertaining. I took pictures of the photocopy not for documentation of the content, but for the love of handwriting. I now enjoy looking into my ancestry lines and can get a super kick out of finding handwritten documents like that.
I also love books, especially really old books like these from the turn of the century. Such beautiful gilded binding. Oh, smell of the pages and the crack of the spine. I am in love! I don't dare open these.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Complaints Aside

 I was recently complaining about how the nasty heat has killed my oasis of a backward. I failed to mention that my yard is full of blooms. We have a crape myrtle in the front yard that is going nuts.
 Along the fence in the back I still have sunflowers, the smaller ones now. The morning glories took over this sunflower stock. Oh I love that dark purple!
This is the real beauty. This is our potted Hibiscus that was headed for a dumpster. When my hubby brought it home it was two sticks off a nub of a trunk. It has been with us for years and only bloomed once before that I recall. Hubby put coffee grounds in it this summer and it went nuts. I counted 12 buds the other day. She is a real beauty now, so green and bushy too. The summer hasn't been so harsh on some things... they actually seem to love it. Just wish I did.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Shell Necklaces and Earrings

 This project comes from two friends who stayed at our house after a family trip to the beach and before their trip to Chile to visit an orphanage. The were returning and wanted to bring small items for gifts. They picked up shells with tiny holes at the top. I taught them how to tie slip knots so the necklaces could be adjusted short and long (Yeah Girl Scouts!). We made quite a few. I loved how this turned out and thought it would be a great project with a few knot tying skills with kids.
 The rocks were for the boys and our friends tried writing on them. I think we needed a better ink pen than a sharpie, but it wasnt bad.
 We also made earrings. The ladies had sets of shells, I always loved picking these up. They were thankful for my love of craftiness. I had a few materials to help them with. E6000 being one and earring backs being the other. They loved how these sets of earrings turned out.
 These gifts were almost free and super awesome. They are items from NC coast. My friends said they had a hard time thinking up gift ideas that weren't too showy or unusable. They were going to workers and children in the orphanage. I hope they really enjoyed giving these out.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Kaffe Quilt

 Here is a sneak  shot of a project I have had in the works for awhile. I need to rap it up soon. If I get too comfortable with the mess a quilt creates, the project will never get finished. I have truly loved working with the Kaffe fabrics. The quilt is a play on the dark and lights. It has been a crazy last few weeks off with every moment off of work planned out. That has come to an end for awhile. It is also become so incredibly hot here in the south, all I want to do is be inside near an air condition vent. I had beautiful sunflowers, tomatoes and green grass that is now a crispy brown. Really wishing I had a swimming pool right now. Hope to be able to show you the finished product soon on the quilt.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Aunts House

 I have a great aunt that is 92, she lives off a finger of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. She is a staunch democrat and environmentalist and historian. She lives in a home that was built in part of a 1800's farm house. It was added on to a few times with close attention to detail. She has a wonderful eye for antiques and decorating. We picked a wonderful weekend to visit. There was a nice cool breeze the entire time we were there. She has no air condition.
 She lives on a few acres of land that consists of two fields split by this cedar lined driveway. The cedars were planted in the late 70's it is amazing how big they are.
 Part of the family sitting on the dock. We had a great time together visiting, laughing and educating.
I took many pictures but, this is my favorite. I couldnt help but feel that the rest of our family who is no longer on this earth was with us in heart and spirit. I found it very healing to be in her home and with my family on such a beautiful weekend.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pink Bunny For Emily!

My niece turned 1 years old today! Happy Birthday Emily, we love you very much.
I made her this bunny and blanket last week before we went on a family vacation. 
I know she will love the snuggle bunny! I looked at a few images on flicker and then freehand cut the pattern. I was really happy with the way it came out. I embroidered the eyes and mouth. She is slightly sad looking. It grew on me. I made the blanket from a scrap from the quilt I made for her when she was born. She has unstuffed arms and legs with knots tied at the ends. Her ears are also unstuffed which makes them super floppy. She would be fun to tie around your arm or stroller. She also has a a sweet dress that can be removed. No bunny is complete with out a fuzzy tail. I almost forgot....but found a scrap of santa hat trim. It worked perfectly. This project in total took me 4 hours. I loved every minute of making her. I will be making more very soon.