Tuesday, May 20, 2014


My Beautiful Nana passed away Tuesday May 13, 2014.
She was 94 years old.
She was an amazingly smart and beautiful woman. 
I would like to honor her by sharing some photos of her and her life.
 This was the photo from the last time I saw Nana at my cousins wedding June 1st 2014
 One of the many sleep overs I had with Nana, we painted our nails and took bubble baths and watched Dick Van Dyke, Golden Girls and Bewitched, she always made apple slices before bed. 1988?
This is us at our lake house. She loved being out side. 1990?

 Nana's College graduation as a public health nurse from Mercy College in Ann Arbor MI 1944. 
 This is the spray of flowers my mother sent for the funeral. She loved spring and loved flowers. 
May 16th 2014
Her casket with the flowers laid by the family. May 16th 2014

 Dorthy "Nana" Gove was the youngest of 3 children born in Clinton, MI January 5th, 1921
 She and her siblings at the age of 3 1923
 She and her sister Mary Eleanor 1945
 Such a beauty 1946
 She became and a Navy Nurse stationed in Chicago and met my Grandfather Clarence Glover at the officers club. He quickly married her  and whisked her away from the mid-west and took her to his home of Orangeburg South Carolina. 1946
 She, in black, and my Grandfathers sisters in South Carolina 1948
 They loved the beach and getting tan. 1949
 She raised her three children in Georgia. That is my father holding my aunt's hand. 1957
 Nana is in the black dress bending down in the front of my grandfather's 7 sisters. 1970?
 This is her and her beautiful home in Charlotte, NC where her children spent most of their lives. 1960?
 She loved holidays and having the family together to make sure they were getting enough to eat. 1981
 Christmas 1979
She also loved her grandchildren and spoiled us so. These are my cousins Carson and baby John 1984

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