Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Atlantic to The Pacific

Today, the cross country trip has officially ended. I really wanted to do the atlantic to the pacific. We started at Litchfield beach, SC on a family vacation before we left the East coast.

So, today we made it to the Pacific, it has a different feel, a different vibe, but it was still absolutely beautiful. It had been a bit grey recently, this morning the sun was out at full blast and so we took advantage of it. We went to Heceta Head, OR from Eugene it was about an hour and half drive. The coast has very few houses on it, in the area I was in, so it was kept wild. 
 In most areas it seemed that the mountains just went straight into the ocean.
 This was near an attraction called The Sea Lion Inn it seemed rather cheesy and expensive so we didn't  go in.
 Other areas were more beach like. The water sure was cold though. the Inn Keeper's home is up on the hill here but, the lighthouse is around the bluff. It was under major renovations and not really picture worthy.

This was a bit farther North in the National Park. It was not very crowed, but you can tell that a storm was rolling in.

It was truly amazing to find such beautiful amazing scenery so close to home, but honestly I think there is so much to explore that we havent discovered yet. Fall is fast approaching so, I was very excited to get out to the ocean before it got too chilly. We hope to explore more, hubby starts his first week of Phd  school tomorrow, so I am not really sure how much time we will have to travel at first.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Funky

Vintage chairs were a score. They swivel too. I think they fit our over all look. There are two, of course I had two perfect Kaffe handmade by me pillows to bring out more of the 60's vibe. They are velvety feeling but, polyester. I remember this color from my parents house when I was a kid, I think it is a great neutral with tan and should make a comeback. I am in love with mid century modern furniture. I find that it tends to be super expensive stuff, even more so here on the West Coast. I know these really aren't mid century modern but they seem to fit in with my pieces of furniture. I was stoked to get these two chairs for $50. Kuma likes them too, she gave them a major sniffing before allowing them to stay. I was super sad to get rid of the chair that we had in NC. It was super big and nice to curl up into. It had come from my grandmother's house and went to a friend who enjoys it. Besides, these are a little funky, rather awesome and there are two! Which makes me feel slightly more grown up.

The River

This is the Williamette Rive that runs through Eugene, Oregon.
It is very wide, clean and super blue. It is such a lovely surprise to have in town. It weaves and turns a bit, but basically runs through the middle of town. Autzen Stadium is very close by the river which seems to be a lot of fun on game days. We have actually avoided this part of town and campus on the last few Saturdays because of the games. The weather has been beautiful. Its kind of a shame that I haven't felt like exploring more. I have been crafty and I will up date soon.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Kaffe Cloth Napkins

This might just be my favorite project i've worked on in awhile. 
I have been unemployed since leaving NC two months ago and moving to Eugene, OR. I have moments of thinking that my husbands  income will barely sustain us, then in tears that I left my seeming perfect job in NC, and finally excepting of the time off as a vacation. Recently, I seem to lean more to the fact that this is a much needed vacation. The lack of employment will end and I will be mad that I didn't use my time better.
There have been a few things to hinder my wise use of time. First, I have been sick, my stomach is just not happy at all. Second, within two days of moving into our apartment we decided we wanted to move  into the more accessible part of Eugene. So, when it came to unpacking boxes some boxes were never opened and shoved into the garage. I finally found the desirable Kaffe fabric that always inspires me. How could you not be inspired by all those colors.
And Third, I've spent more time on Pinterest than any person should admit to. Today, I decided to finally make a few things on my "Make this NOW!" board. These napkins were perfect for the Kaffe scraps. So, between bouts in the bed, on the computer sending resumes and Pinterest rabbit trails, I churned out these six lovelies.
 The Kaffe Scraps came from the quilt I made my Mom last year. I had tiny pieces of some and yards of others that I purposely bought too much of. It is hard for me to cut down the bold Kaffe flowers. I enjoyed using the chevron ikat and organic prints to balance the bold flowers. Kaffe's prints all work so well together sometimes there were too many choices. I tried to use the scraps first that could be joined with out cutting or trimming. I also hesitated on cutting any yardage piece, therefore this project probably too me longer than it should have.
 I adore the eggplant shot cotton from Kaffe's line. I am unsure of the precise color name but it is a dark purple warp and orange weft. Which looks different in lighting and perfect solid to compliment all that color from the print side. The current kitchen is rather boring but at least their is a lot of natural light.
I think cotton napkins give a nice pop on the light wood table and they are not so formal that they wouldn't be unpractical for everyday use. Stay tuned for coasters and seat covers from the smaller scraps that I can't let go to waist.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nana's Quilt

Here is my 92 year old grandmother, I call her Nana. Nana is a piece of work. Her body is failing her but, she is very sharp. She remembers so much and lead a super interesting life. She started getting super fixated on things lately. He has always been feisty, but her fixation is the newest thing the family has noticed with her age.
She wanted these fabric curtains panels made into a light weight bed covering. She ripped out the old seams herself a year ago and started trying to pin it together. When I got to her house it was all laid out on the bed.
She had apparently asked everyone about who to take it to. They all told her that I might be able to help her. So right before I left NC I made this quilt for her.
It was quickly made and super basic. I simply pieced together two curtain panels and added a solid back and thin cotton batting . The cornice board is still up on the window in her bedroom from when she picked out the sweet birds in the 70's.
The heavy drapes panels had been taken down along long time ago.
She had a heavy comforter on the bed and couldn't move it around with her weak wrists. She didn't want batting but I convinced her otherwise.
I tried to tell her that the black acidic ink in the birds beaks were eating through the fabric. She did not care, she wanted the blanket. I did however spend quite a bit of time trying to patch some holes.
I think that it lightens the room and I have since heard her say so many nice things about it. I am concerned about it being washed and worsening small holes. I just hope that it lasts and my aunts don't wonder why it's so hastily done.

This is my Grandfather holding my Dad, Nana and Aunt Elayne
I would say 1952. I recently learned that women purposely would pose like this in the '50. I think it is awesome and I would look this amazing too.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

We Made It!

Well after a month to take our time getting across the country, WE MADE IT!
It will take me a bit of time to get set back up to enjoy my crafting and sewing. We just got internet today which is very very exciting! Hubby has been to his new lab a few times and we are feeling like we made a great choice to move to Eugene, It is truly beautiful here and the "folks" are just as nice as southerners!

Here are a few more lovely iphone photos of our cross country trip

Palo Duro Canyon, TX

Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO

Huntsville, UT

Idaho City, ID

Blue Lake, OR