Monday, May 18, 2009

Rainy Craft Day!

I have started a few projects recently. The weather has been so pleasant and warm it makes it hard to stay in doors. I have planted herbs, flowers and veggies out side. The weather suddenly changed yesterday with lots of rain and a cold front. My nose is actually cold. I was wearing skirts and tank top the last two weeks. Oh well, I did get things accomplished in doors yesterday. I cleaned the house (Well, hubby did most of the dirty work.) His family is coming for Memorial Day weekend. 
I pulled out a paper flower kit, that my Mom gave me for my birthday, and sat down for a couple hours in the afternoon. I ended up making five flowers. The kit had really great directions, but of course I ended up making my own petal patterns.  This glass vase was sad with out flowers, but looks lovely now. You cant see from the pictures, but my living room has oranges in it so it coordinated nicely. Awesome gift Mom!

However, I did end up making a pretty mess as well!  FYI Vacuum the floor after this project, NOT before.  The paper petals are rapped onto metal florist wire with floral tape. The tape is really tricky. It is not particularly sticky or strong.  I had to start three flowers over again after the centers popped off. My hands actually ached after finishing. I would not recommend this project for any one under 15.  It is tedious and time consuming. The out come and reward is awesome and beautiful. The would be beautiful in pale color schemes as well. I might make some another rainy day!