Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Backyard Inspires Art Project

So my backyard just doubled in size. What was previously scrubby shrubs and kudzu is now a beautiful fenced in backyard. Some would cringe at the amount of grass that we will have to mow come spring, but this area was a problem. I live in an area where there are lots of vagrant folks and they were hanging out in the shrubs at night. Not cool. Our landlord received access from a home that he recently purchased that backed up to the shrubby lot, so he went for it. He tore down the nasty chain link fence that ran behind the shed and gave us this beautiful 8 foot high wood fence.
We love it!
 In this shot I am standing in our original yard looking into the new yard. They left some beautiful young beach trees in the new part.
 This is our old yard, new grass going in. The dog still lays in the same spot under the magnolia even though she has such a huge yard to run in. She loves it when she gets whipped up!

I am standing with my back to the fence at the very back of the property. The little picket fence is to keep kiddos from fall over the low concrete wall that was not going anywhere. I kinda think it adds some charm. The green shed is falling apart and can't be moved. Its not loved by anyone, but it is necessary.
When they tore up the yard. All this old glass and dishes came to the surface. Originally, I was picking them up to save doggie paws. Now, I want to make something beautiful out of them.

They will clean-up nicely!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Floorplan Doodle

This is my future home. I drew this months back when I had to do jury duty. I have always enjoyed drawing floorplans. I generally do not care so much for true dimensions. Strangely,  this floorplan resembles my Dad's home. I think I just expanded thing and changed celings.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Etsy here I come!

I have decided to start an Esty account. I am going to sell Blue Jean Baskets, Handbags with blue jeans in the inside and crochet crafts. I am also wanting to sell some of the massive amounts of vintage jewels that I have accumulated. I am using ComfortCircle as my page name as well. Please check me out and recommend me to your friends! I am going to be done setting it all up by 10/16! 10/18