Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I am slightly proud of myself

Today, I accomplished something that I have been trying to do for 7 months now. I figured out how to use my scanner in the printer all-in-one. I just haven't had the true need or want to do it. I think that I will enjoy sharing more of my quilting processes and general art, I doodle alot. I prefer black ink pens or markers. I use cheap generally scrap paper. I am unable to keep up with a journal, I literally have 20 of them around the house. I always rip the pages out. The pages end up on my desk and next to my bed side table. Hopefully, this will be a good way of keeping up with them.

These two collections have been hanging out on the desk for months. I am excited to be able to share more of my creative processes. Maybe one day my sister will bring photoshop and I will be able to do more with coloring them. HINT HINT!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So It has been awhile...

I have a new job. I have been absent for awhile because I have a new job. I worked two jobs for awhile. I love my new job. I am learning new things everyday. I am so much happier than where I was. I have neglected my craftiness. I am super excited that I will have a bit more time to accomplish craftiness.
Since the summer ended the other day, I was thinking about the awesome trip to the beach at the beginning of the summer. I love this face that Kuma is making, all squinty eyed! The beach was completely empty and amazing.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vera Scarves

Here are my favorite things:
The Color Sunny Saturated Yellow

Vintage 60's and 70's

Finished Projects???

There is a major lack of Finished projects on this blog. I have just changed jobs so I am very excited about the more free time that I will have to complete projects. I have a serious long list of projects to complete before the Holidays. I feel that I have to write it down.
So here:
Granny Squares
Dads Stitching
Two Blue Jean Bags
Blue Jean Basket
Baby Gifts
T-Shirt quilt
Texas Quilt