Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shelf Idea

Here is the shelf that I made. I recycled the pine boards that my hubby uses to break in his Kung -fu. It is hard to tell from the image, but the edges facing out are raw from where they were broken. I painted the background  way before the shelf idea was born, it fits together nicely though! I put cup hooks to hang keys by the door. I love spray paint and have a nice arsenal, I must have used six colors to get the right one. I have made a few of these, all different sizes and colors to match different decor! This one needs slight repair, that is why it is sadly resting on the floor. I think I would like to make more but use stain instead. I still enjoy the painting in the back rather than cardstock. I will have to get started now that the cold weather is disappearing. 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby quilt done!

So I was able to finish the rest of the quilt today. I had to attend court this morning from an incident that was a witness to. I thought that I was going to be there much longer than planned. I came home and cleaned the house, we are leaving this weekend for a wedding. I enjoy returning from a trip to a clean home. I settled on doing a very basic machine quilt on my co-workers. I feel certain that I will put much more detail in to the one for my cousin. 

I also printed out some handmade tags. I took me about 20 min on the computer. I have really enjoyed the new printer that I got. I printed it out on some really heavy cardstock. I was very happy with my work when it was completed. I sat down and did the math about $8.50 a piece and I feel better giving something handmade. My repurposed ribbon looks a bit sad in the picture, better in reality. I will get back to the fence rail/mountain quilt when I return from the wedding.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Quilts

So i found a really great idea on how to cut down three yards of fabric to make three quit toppers for baby/crib blankets. You simply fold a yard lengthwise( as it was on the bolt)and then widthwise. Then orient the folded edges to the bottom left corner. Trim fabric size to 18x21 0r 18X20 as long as all three yards are cut the same. Then from the both raw edges measure in 9 inches then cut. When done three different fabrics it yields interchangeable pieces.
Well here is the quilt put together with batting and backing. I haven't pressed it or quilted it together. Wow! I am impressed how fast this has gone, So far! It was much more cost effective for me since I needed three blankets. I will post final quilt before I wrap it up for mom.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Fabric for Baby Quilts

My Sister came to visit while she was on Spring Break she wanted to go get some fabric for the inside of her purse. So, I took her down to Jo-Ann's. She did end up finding something she liked, but I also had to purchase fabric. We have a cousin that is having a baby boy soon, whom we don't know that well, but we were invited to the shower (in Califorina!?!!) (Have I mentioned I live in the beautiful state of North Carolina?) I had looked at baby flannel prints previously, unenthusiastic about any I had not made a purchase. I found these prints and a great idea of how to cut the yards down in order to make three blankets out of three yards, not including the backing (I have a co-worker having a boy also). I was very excited to find these. Prints for boys really are lacking in the fabric world they either are adolcent boy prints with writing or they just seem silly. I enjoy crafting, however I feel that 80% of the stuff out there to craft from is tacky! I am fairly traditional when it comes to picking fabrics, especially when it comes to baby stuff! I settled for the moon and stars and polk-a-dots. it was not my first pick. The solids were very cheap as well. I will post a finished picture soon since my co-worker's shower is on Friday! I enjoy fast quilting sometimes!
Oh yes! Here is 'Fat Girl' draped in ribbon. She is so patient to let my sister do this to her. She loves the attention though. Can't you tell. She adores my sister. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Happened to February?

Here it is March and I am sitting here wondering what happened to February? I am aware that February is a short month, but it disappeared in a blur of snow, birthdays and colds. I did have a few unexpected days off from work. I spent those days either in the bed, sewing or cooking. All with my gorgeous doggie by my side. I am sitting at my sewing table and up wanders a wet nose with this sweet face attached. How could you not take a picture.

Here are my existing squares. I am getting really close to finishing the 1,052 that I need. 
I love seeing the colors together. My piles of strips are shrinking. I am sure the dog will be happy to have her futon back. She loves it. The other morning I woke up and could find her. She was snoozing peacefully on the futon in the middle of all my strips. When she finally sauntered out into the kitchen she had a strip wrapped around her curly tail. 
This is my favorite group of strips before I cut it up into squares.