Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Happened to February?

Here it is March and I am sitting here wondering what happened to February? I am aware that February is a short month, but it disappeared in a blur of snow, birthdays and colds. I did have a few unexpected days off from work. I spent those days either in the bed, sewing or cooking. All with my gorgeous doggie by my side. I am sitting at my sewing table and up wanders a wet nose with this sweet face attached. How could you not take a picture.

Here are my existing squares. I am getting really close to finishing the 1,052 that I need. 
I love seeing the colors together. My piles of strips are shrinking. I am sure the dog will be happy to have her futon back. She loves it. The other morning I woke up and could find her. She was snoozing peacefully on the futon in the middle of all my strips. When she finally sauntered out into the kitchen she had a strip wrapped around her curly tail. 
This is my favorite group of strips before I cut it up into squares.

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  1. awwww the fuzzy one! I'm so excited to visit ya'll on sunday! I love you bunches!