Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kaffe Log Cabin

I have started a quilt. I have many unfinished quilts. I feel conflicted about starting a new one. I was totally inspired by the new Kaffe fabric I purchase and how it fit into my current stash of Kaffe. The colors are so consistent. I have been purchasing 1/2 yards for going on 5 years now. I have a nice collection. I really wanted to use up some of the scraps left over from the Kaffe Quilt and Scrappy Embroidered pouches.
I started with the mulberry shot cotton scrap. I cut 24 random smaller squares in varying sizes anywhere from 2''-4 inches.
Then I spent the majority of my time organizing my scraps. I wanted 4 color sets, so I could create a stair step pattern. I ended up with orange/burgandy, blue/green , then lights and darks.
Kaffes colors makes this process easy. After sorting my scraps into colors, I then sorted them into sizes: tiny, medium and large. I was looking for strips over 1 inch wide. I knew I could always cut the bigger pieces down as needed. I ended up surveying my scrap selection and then cutting strips off my 1/2 yard stash to fill up my piles. I have a nice selection of patterns; large florals, stripes, small organic patterns and other geometrics. I didn't get too caught up in cutting certain sizes since I really wanted a scrappy look. Setting up the scraps made the piecing part rather mindless. I just tried not to put the same fabrics next together.
I set up the stacks of scraps by size to work through to build the block. This quilt is a scrap buster and I wanted to have all the small pieces available to use when starting the block so. I didn't want to cut off the big long scraps to start off.
I also wanted to make this quilt to come together quickly. I utilized my chain piecing skills, I lined up my blocks to sew at one sitting. 

Everytime I chained pieced I would cut them off the sewing line and keep them sorted by color. Since, of course I wasn't using a pattern per usual, I had to keep myself organized in someway.
The orange/burgandy and green/blues got paired in blocks and then the darks and lights. I don't use pins when sewing much. I just paid a lot of attention to the colors, and laid all my blocks the same direction to make sure I was sewing the correct sides together.

Here's a nice stack of 10" squares. I am trying to decide if I want them bigger than this.
Stay tuned to find out.

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