Monday, July 9, 2012

Wedding Love

I just completed an awesome project for dear friends of ours that are getting married soon. I wish I had thought about this for my wedding! I feel so honored to help with their wedding. Instead of a guest sign in book, these fabric patches will be signed and for the wedding reception they will hang around the deck of the cabin. I was super stoked to use up all this scrap fabric I was hoarding. I did buy the crisp white Kona solid cotton.
I live in a different city than my dear friends so they have yet to see these in person. Her wedding colors are teal and lime green. I was amazed at how much I had in that color pallet. Her favorite animal is owls and I had that awesome owl in the tree fabric. Then I went with a earthy feel to work with the mountain cabin location. The intention is that the flags will eventually be made into a beautiful quilt for their home. I have offered to piece it together for her. I don't have the ability to quilt it. 
I completed this project while packing up my house in order to move to Oregon. I am amazed at myself for getting this project done. I am generally a super procrastinator. I think they turned out beautiful. This will be something that the will be able to have and enjoy for the rest of their lives.
Look and here they are at the wedding!