Monday, January 26, 2009

Quilting as a job

Wow, wouldn't it be wonderful if someone would pay me to quilt. I know that people do this but, I don't think that I have the skill yet. I saw on tv this lady in Kansas was doing free machine quilting (i am sorry, her name escapes me). I was in awe, she has my dream life. Her set-up was incredible. I can't wait until I have the time and the space to create things like that. I know that I  have it in me me. I just need the resources. Right now, I am enjoying drooling over the things that other quilters are creating. Even though, there is a slight pang of jealousy.  I would even go as far as saying that I would like to own my very own quilt shop. I can see myself in there giving classes, helping customers pick out my fabulous fabrics. Oh, I am in such a dream world.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crochet Blanket in Purple

I have been crocheting this king sized blanket since the start of the new year. It will hopefully complement the quilt that I am making. I have enjoyed looking at many other blogger's images of their quilts and blankets. I think it is so wonderful to make something tangible that my family can use. I love working with fabric and yarn. I know that their is much invested time in making things this way. Other ladies at work asked me why I was going to all that trouble. I answered, 'because I enjoy it!' I have thought a lot about what she said. I think part of is the nurturing part of me to make something warm that will comfort others. The other part is making something and saying that it was all me.  I guess that is a bit self-serving, but aren't we all?
I have many different types of yarns in this blanket, I love purple! and blues too! Well no certain pattern. Just use what ever color I want. I didn't want to have too many chunky sections from using a skein of solid yarn. I have many partials from other projects. Some skeins I went out and purchased just for this project. I love that I can tell when I bought them by looking at the blanket. I am sure I will have to buy a few more  in order to make it a King, but right now I am trying to use up what I have. That is my motto for this year.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purple Mountain Quilt

Here are all of the strips cut out and piled on the futon in the sewing room. I watched Pres. Obama's Inauguration on Tuesday. I was very overwhelmed with emotion. I though it was a wonderful speech. I was very thankful that I was able to watch it in real time. I did not get as much done as I had hoped that snow day.

I am still working on the purple king quilt. These pieced strips are all piled up and waiting to be pressed. The color flow that I am working on is in the background of the image. The pile of strips on the futon is getting much flatter. I am excited about having time to get this quilt underway. It has been cathartic to work on this task.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Yeah It is snowing... the first snow of the year!  Here in the piedmont of NC we do not normally get snow. I lived in the mountains of NC for years and saw snow often. I have missed it terribly since moving. It is so peaceful outside.  This is a picture at 7 o'clock this morning. I have already called work and the message encouraged us not to drive in even for a few hours. We are on a snow day.  NC is just not prepared for this kind of weather. Not enough plows or slag to make it around. People who are out, drive like idiots, and taboot there is ice under all that snow. Not for my faint of heart. Hubby ventured out to work very early. God willing he will make it home tonight. It is supposed to keep it up all day and into tomorrow night. Well, I am excited about the quilting that I can get accomplished in the quiet, peaceful snow. 

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New King quilt

I have been very excited since I got my new machine.  I have had the opportunity to sit down and get familiar with it. Being laid off of work for two weeks has not started off so bad. I have accomplished a lot of unfinished tasks around the house. Now I am on to my crafting projects. I have vowed not to spend any money on trying to occupy my time during my sabbatical(that sounds so much nicer). I spend the better part of a a morning a few days ago trying to decide on a quilt pattern for the King sized mountain quilt I wanted to make this year. Hubby and I just upgraded to a king and we have nothing coordinating in our room. I have more than enough fabric  in my stash to make  a king quilt, pillows, curtains, etc.. I really wanted to do more of a realistic image of the mountains (see earlier post). Well, after looking at many a blog and many a book. I decided to go with a much simpler plan, my skill level is not there yet. Some day! I  found an image of a Fence Rail Quilt that  I was immediately struck with. I could visualize it in the purple color scheme I was hoping for. I decided to do a different color block per each fence rail for two reasons: 1. I don't have enough of any one fabric and, I think it will look more like mountains 2. I later found the Dimensions for a King and decided I would go for it. Yesterday, much to my husbands whining, I pieced together the first block and cut out many strips. I will start piecing more blocks soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

50-100 of Top 100 list of things to accomplish.
Bold means I have completed the task.
50. Live at the Beach 51. Make a King sized quilt 52. Live in another country 53. Become a mother 54. Ride in a helicopter
55. Watch all Star War movies back to back 56 Live in the mountains 57. Rocked to sleep on a sailboat 58. Publish a book 59. Own a brand new car 60. Own my own home 61. Have my ears pierced 62. Bake a Lady Baltimore Cake 63. Feel comfortable wearing a bikini 64. See the Northern Lights 65. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail 66. Fall asleep with out Monk 67. Build a home to my design 68. See Panic for New Years 69. Do yoga 5 times a week 70. See the Great Barrier Reef 71. Live in the Country 72. Raise a dog to have puppies 73. Ride a horse on the beach 74. Lost a loved one 75. Sell my crafts 76. Meet a boy who really loves me. 77. Have the confidence to tell someone what I really think 78. Start a new job 79. Drink more than two martinis before falling asleep 80. Dance for no one but yourself 81. Beat Super Mario Galaxy 82. Brew my own beer 83. Have a party with all of my friends 84. Plant a tree 85. Learn to say no and mean it 86. Ask for a raise 87. Drive from Atlantic to Pacific 88. Learn to take a compliment 89. Learn to trust my fingers. 90. Spend Christmas on a beach 91. Learn to complain effectively 92. Ride in a hot air balloon 93. Find a job I love. 94. Learn to bartend 95. Be comfortable with myself 96. Teach someone to read 97. Look in to my children's eyes only to see myself 98. Forgive my family 99. Get passionate about a cause and do something about it 100. Complete all 100 tasks.
(The list is partially from "100 Things you should do before you die" and partially of my own mind)

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Rest of Top 100 thinks to do before you die

See How far I've Come
1-50 List of 100 things to accomplish BOLD means I've reached that goal.
1. Started my own Blog 2. Slept under the stars 3. Visited Yellowstone 4. Watched a meteor shower 5. Visited Hawaii 6. Given a unknown child/family a Christmas 7. Been to Disneyland/ world 8. Climbed a mountain 9. Sang solo 10. Visited Paris 11. Taught myself an art from scratch 12. Adopted a child 13. Had food poisoning 14. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty 15. Grown my own veggies 16. Seen the Mona Lisa 17. Slept on an overnight train 18. Had a pillow fight 19. Taken a sick day when you are not ill 20. Held a lamb 21. Learned another language 22. Built a snow fort 23. Gone skinny dipping 24. Ridden in a gondola in Venice 25. Seen a total eclipse 24. Watched a sunrise or a sunset 25. Been on an Alaskan cruise 26. Seen Niagara Falls 27. Visited the birth place of my ancestors 28. Hit a home run 29. Have enough money to be truly satisfied 30. Gone Rock Climbing 31. Sung Karaoke 32. Bought a stranger a meal 33. Seen Michelangelo's David 34. Visited Africa 35. Walked on beach by moonlight 36. Had your portrait done 37. Seen Sistine Chapel in person 38. Had your wallet/ idenity stolen 39. Gone Scuba diving 40.Kissed in the rain 41. Fallen in Love 42. Played in the mud 43. Visited the Great Wall of China 44. Taken a martial arts class 45. Started a business 46.Served food to the homeless 47. Sold Girl Scout Cookies 48. Bought flowers for no reason 49. Gone Whale watching 50. Hung out with monkeys