Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New King quilt

I have been very excited since I got my new machine.  I have had the opportunity to sit down and get familiar with it. Being laid off of work for two weeks has not started off so bad. I have accomplished a lot of unfinished tasks around the house. Now I am on to my crafting projects. I have vowed not to spend any money on trying to occupy my time during my sabbatical(that sounds so much nicer). I spend the better part of a a morning a few days ago trying to decide on a quilt pattern for the King sized mountain quilt I wanted to make this year. Hubby and I just upgraded to a king and we have nothing coordinating in our room. I have more than enough fabric  in my stash to make  a king quilt, pillows, curtains, etc.. I really wanted to do more of a realistic image of the mountains (see earlier post). Well, after looking at many a blog and many a book. I decided to go with a much simpler plan, my skill level is not there yet. Some day! I  found an image of a Fence Rail Quilt that  I was immediately struck with. I could visualize it in the purple color scheme I was hoping for. I decided to do a different color block per each fence rail for two reasons: 1. I don't have enough of any one fabric and, I think it will look more like mountains 2. I later found the Dimensions for a King and decided I would go for it. Yesterday, much to my husbands whining, I pieced together the first block and cut out many strips. I will start piecing more blocks soon.

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