Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Peace Crochet Wreath

I made this quick wreath from a wire coat hanger, floral wire and left over yarn.
I currently live in a home with huge front bay window. The door is on the side of the house so I wanted a re-useable wreath I could hang in the front window. This is what created. I think the peace part is a bit thin. I intend on adding another color of green, but this is all I got done to it for this holiday season.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wrapping up All the Elf Duties

I made these hearts from a T-Shirt of my husband's grandfather. He passed over a year ago, and I felt like I could finally bring myself to cut it up and it would be appreciated.
Here are the super cute snowmen  I made. I love the faces, I am so glad I found the carrot noses.
Everyone on my gift list will be getting some form of these super cute fabric baskets. I am not entirely sure what folks will use them for, I guess I envision bread or crackers or wrapped candy.
Here are my awesome cards, I love how they turned out. I enjoy writing cards, especially to the family I don't talk to normally. I also take so much pride in the process of coming up with an idea and then the creativity that comes after that. In this case I was able to carve stamps and get my hands dirty mixing inks which is always a blast for me!
I also whipped up a few more of these super duper cute and re-usable gift bags. I know you can re-use the paper ones but, I intend on using these for many years!
So for this year my elf duties are all wrapped up. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Days

Here in Oregon we had some amazingly cold days where it actually got to -4 degrees. 
It is not at all what Iam used to but, I secretly love it!
I love the pattern that ice crystals create on my windshield, even if it takes 30 minutes to defrost the car to go anywhere.
Kuma certainly loved the 6 inches of snow that came and was still around 5 days later.
I enjoyed the first two days when I wasn't working. The other days were just a pain! Eugene is not prepared for this weather and the roads were a nightmare. Coming home to my sewing machine and this sweet bear's face made it so much more enjoyable!
The shut down of town allowed me the time to feel like I could stay home and finish christmas gifts like the Love Love pillow.

I think I love loved the inside of the pillow more after all the embroidery I did.
My beautiful Bernina did a lovely job on all my gifts.
Including this scarf for my sister In-Law.
I also finished my snowmen in assembly line fashion. These guys just needed faces and buttons.