Monday, March 5, 2012

Fun Skirt

I had searched for straight shorter skirt that weren't made out of knit. The body con look is not for my hips but, I wanted more of a mini skirt look. I shopped for the better part of a year with no luck. I had a super basic solid skirt black skirt that was out of a rayon. I basically copied its construction. I love love love this bold zig zag Brandon Mably fabric. I had used it in my Mom's quilt and purposely purchased too much. I recently realized it was enough to wrap around my hips. I think that the high quality cotton fabric will be nice for the spring, summer and even the fall with tights. I like the brown & black paired with bright teal and orange. Yum!
Here's how I made it-
I took three measurements:
1.  H- Around the widest part of hips/ buttocks
2. W- Around the smallest part of waist or where you would like to wear your skirt (dont suck in if you want it to fit!)
3. L- Start at point you took measurement W, measure down as long as you would like your skirt to reach (if you are going much past your knees you will need to add in a slit into the hem.)
4. Cut a piece of skirt fabric H+2 x L+3
5. Hem bottom longest side 1 1/2 inch
6. Cut piece of Elastic 1 1/2 width x W-2(or 3 if you want it to have a tighter feel)
7. Cut piece of coordinating band fabric H+2 x 5
8. With a simple fold over 1/2 inch hem the band fabric along both of the longest sides, hem both sides to same side (this seam will show at the top of skirt).
9. Fold the band in half on the longest side, with hems to inside, sew along the fold with a 1/4 seam allowance, Creating finished binding
10. Tack elastic onto the inside of one end of band, make sure the elastic fits tightly into the binding pocket.
12. Take time to pin in the piece of skirt fabric making sure keep the raw edge of the fabric into the binding, matching up seams onto one side of binding.
13. Fold over binding and sew paying attention to outside seam, use piece of elastic to keep straight line. don't sew into the elastic (your just making a pocket over the elastic).
14. Find the unattached end of elastic in the binding pull tight and attach to end of binding.
15. Match ends of the binding and hem of skirt and sew 1/2 seam allowance
16. Roll over seam allowance and sew again (creates a more finished inside)
17. Turn right side out and ENJOY!
This skirt took me 45 minutes , including fabric brainstorming time at the beginning.
 I can't wait for this cool weather to move on and I can test it out!

Nom Nom Nanner Puddin'

This is amazing Nanner Puddin' I had last night at The Pit in Raleigh. Isn't that meringue beautiful? It is rather tasty. I always find room after BBQ to eat it.