Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I absolutely love this new Anna Maria Horner Fabric collection. It is all beautiful. I cannot wait to get my hands  on some!
 She also has new beautiful embroidery threads. Lovely color choices.
Check her out
 Anna Maria Horner

Saturday, May 21, 2011

OBX Trip

 We went to the Outer Banks of NC to celebrate 2 family graduations, My hubby got his Master's degree from NCSU. My sister did interior architecture at UNCG. We had a blast this weekend. I took 200 pics this week. These are just a handful of my favorites. We all had a rather relaxing weekend. Lots of beach walks, pool lounging, sunset watching and good eating occurred. The large sand dune and sunset pictures were taken at Trail 2 on Jockey's Ridge. The beach shots are Kill Devil Hills Beach.

My hubby and FIL. I love this shot because I really dont generally like shots using a super zoom.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Rose Garden

 This lovely rose garden is blocks from work and is tucked behind The Raleigh Theater.
 I had too much fun taking pictures today. The sun had a great cloud filter today. The Garden was filled with flower gazers and picture takers. It is an awesome gem!

 Kuma really liked it too! She kept putting her nose in the air.
                                                  These blooms were as big as my face!
                                                Check out all the colors and varities.
                                                              Me and my sweet potato.
                                     On a side note: This is one of my most fave dresses ever!  My grandmother gave it to me years ago. I always thought it was an aunts...Nana recently told me otherwise. It is a Lilly Pultizer vintage 1960's. It is not in great condition, stains, broken zipper, ciggarette burn, frayed hem, odd straps. I thankfully did not do any of this damage...I could never forgive myself. I love the seersucker weight fabric and the print! It just so happens that it fits me perfectly. I wont give it up. It is also yellow which I love!