Friday, July 29, 2011

Handwriting and Books

I come from a long line of ancestry buffs on all sides of the family. I spent many childhood summer days with a family member in particular who wanted me to take an interest in my family history. Of course, I didn't really appreciate it at the time. I did fall in love with old handwriting, and would attempt to decipher it. Folks took their cursive seriously back in those days. They wrote captivating prose. You get a true sense of who the person is who wrote it. It is not a simple automatic response but with a narrative. I truly love seeing the original papers much more.
A cousin recently found a copy of a relative's old will in state archive.This lawyers hand writing is tight and precise. He uses a lot of legal rhetoric which is entertaining. I took pictures of the photocopy not for documentation of the content, but for the love of handwriting. I now enjoy looking into my ancestry lines and can get a super kick out of finding handwritten documents like that.
I also love books, especially really old books like these from the turn of the century. Such beautiful gilded binding. Oh, smell of the pages and the crack of the spine. I am in love! I don't dare open these.

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