Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Complaints Aside

 I was recently complaining about how the nasty heat has killed my oasis of a backward. I failed to mention that my yard is full of blooms. We have a crape myrtle in the front yard that is going nuts.
 Along the fence in the back I still have sunflowers, the smaller ones now. The morning glories took over this sunflower stock. Oh I love that dark purple!
This is the real beauty. This is our potted Hibiscus that was headed for a dumpster. When my hubby brought it home it was two sticks off a nub of a trunk. It has been with us for years and only bloomed once before that I recall. Hubby put coffee grounds in it this summer and it went nuts. I counted 12 buds the other day. She is a real beauty now, so green and bushy too. The summer hasn't been so harsh on some things... they actually seem to love it. Just wish I did.

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