Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Passing the Time

We are finally feeling settled in to our new new home in Eugene. We disliked the first house's neighborhood and location. We are in a cute spot now that is close to everything. It has been a challenge though. This is a very tiny duplex.
I was fortunately still unemployed when we moved again, so I had time to put my organizing skills to work, but now I am bored. I don't currently have a sewing table so I decided to a bit of crocheting. It was lovely today as it has been since we arrived in September. So, I set myself up outside in the sun today under a pretty maple tree and crocheted away.
I wanted to make containers to store items around the house. I found the stash of balls of yarn scraps. I love the earthy colors. Then I went digging for the containers, a glass jar and left over plastic butter container. We had saved the glass salsa jar last week, because I found the shape to be useful. I had scraped the label off but it left a funny mark that needed covering.
I simply crochet a disc/ circle the size of the bottom. Usually starting with a loop and then adding stitches in every other slc stitch. Then when reached desired size I will stop adding stitches and it start creating a tube. For the bowl size I just stopped at desired height and then rolled under the last few easily.
For the jar the curve in the top created a problem. I stitched the tube a far as I could and then I had to deduce stitches. Then the hole became small and I feared I wouldn't be able to get the jar in. So, I ended up having to crochet the rest of the way with the jar in the crochet tube. This was a bit challenging and slowed down the entire process. I think the end result was super worth this annoyance.
Here is the end result, they were virtually free with yarn scraps from old gifted projects and recycled containers.  I just had to put in a bit of time. I enjoyed sitting outside today under the tree and watching all the cyclist and kids play. I think this could be a great gift idea with flowers or candy.  I think that older kids could definitely do this project if you teach them the stitch and teach deducing and increasing of stitches. I like projects that dont require a pattern but need a little creativity.