Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring Paint

I have been inspired by the colors I see in my yard. I mixed up a handful of my favorite colors today from my acrylics. I have had these wooden beads forever and they were in need of decoration.  I really like the pinks and oranges turned out. I have a large collection of smaller beads that need to be made into jewelry. I wanted to introduce bigger and more modern colors into the mix. I painted just half of the bead on the majority of them. I had left over paint, so I used it up on these eggs. I got at them craft store on sale after easter. I find that many craft ideas come only as after after the holiday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hand Sewing

I am trying to finish up the embroidery on a handful of the blocks for the fence rail mountain king size quilt. (There has got to be a better way to describe that quilt, for consistency concerns I need to come up with something). I decided on using small flowers/ leaves in threes for the Mountain Quilt ;  )  . I seemed to balance on the block nicely. I was attempting to make it look like a crazy quilt. However, it has ended up being more refined. I just stitch whatever comes to mind. I have completed most of them while Hubby watches NBA finals. I do actually like all levels of basketball, though I do find it hard to watch 3 games tailed on to each other.
Meanwhile, I threw this hand pin cushion together very quickly. It was more out of necessity, I lost a quite a few needles and pins recently. I actually found one in my nightgown... while in bed... in a not so great spot... just waiting to stab me.
Ultimately, I will be putting the Mountain quilt with the crochet afghan above. I beginning to think that it might just be too many stripes. What do you think?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Eggs and Bowl

I had an Easter afterthought. I wanted to make a reusable decoration. I came up with the egg. I simply recalled my hat making skills. The yarn colors also make them look like gum drops. Oh well. I got better after each one.

I also created this bowl out of stained sheets and scraps of fabric. I like how low and soft it is against the wood hutch. I created the bowl for this specific spot. I have started to fill up many corners in my house.