Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yellow Summer Skirt

I have been wanting to make more clothes. I went through a phase in High School where I made clothes. I mostly made summery tops and a few skirts. One of the skirts I still wear and get many complements on. I think that is much simpler to make skirts than most think. I have a 4-paneled skirt that my great-aunt made years ago. I think it is most comfortable thing I own. I wanted to make more like it. I found this beautiful yellow poplin and decided it was destined for a skirt. I bought too much fabric of course and will have to decide on another item to make with it. I found simple instructions years ago to make a 6- paneled skirt. I had copied them down in my notes. I ended up making a template and cuting six from the poplin and six shorter ones for the lining (an old yellow bed sheet) and sewing them together. My waist measurements were a tad big so I added elastic waist band and gathered it mainly in the back so that the front would be smooth. I wanted to add pockets but totally forgot until it was all stitched together. I will make another soon, but with pockets. I have not hemmed the skirt yet. What do you think?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crochet summer afghan

I have had a very bad stomache virus as of late. I have missed quite a few days of work and spent many hours in bed, siting on the couch and toilet and sleeping. I got majorly bored by the fourth day and started in on a crocheted afghan. I have always wanted to make one with a really big fat needle. I found one the other day at Michael's, I was not looking for this item, I was just drawn to it. Well, I took me only two days to complete the twin size blanket. I absolutely loved this yarn and have held onto it for a couple of years. It was nice to get a UFO done.

This is not the best image of the size or the pattern but it shows how big the needle was. It has been nice to snuggle up in while being sick in the summer. Not to heavy or thick.