Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow Days

Here in Oregon we had some amazingly cold days where it actually got to -4 degrees. 
It is not at all what Iam used to but, I secretly love it!
I love the pattern that ice crystals create on my windshield, even if it takes 30 minutes to defrost the car to go anywhere.
Kuma certainly loved the 6 inches of snow that came and was still around 5 days later.
I enjoyed the first two days when I wasn't working. The other days were just a pain! Eugene is not prepared for this weather and the roads were a nightmare. Coming home to my sewing machine and this sweet bear's face made it so much more enjoyable!
The shut down of town allowed me the time to feel like I could stay home and finish christmas gifts like the Love Love pillow.

I think I love loved the inside of the pillow more after all the embroidery I did.
My beautiful Bernina did a lovely job on all my gifts.
Including this scarf for my sister In-Law.
I also finished my snowmen in assembly line fashion. These guys just needed faces and buttons.

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