Sunday, January 4, 2009

50-100 of Top 100 list of things to accomplish.
Bold means I have completed the task.
50. Live at the Beach 51. Make a King sized quilt 52. Live in another country 53. Become a mother 54. Ride in a helicopter
55. Watch all Star War movies back to back 56 Live in the mountains 57. Rocked to sleep on a sailboat 58. Publish a book 59. Own a brand new car 60. Own my own home 61. Have my ears pierced 62. Bake a Lady Baltimore Cake 63. Feel comfortable wearing a bikini 64. See the Northern Lights 65. Hike part of the Appalachian Trail 66. Fall asleep with out Monk 67. Build a home to my design 68. See Panic for New Years 69. Do yoga 5 times a week 70. See the Great Barrier Reef 71. Live in the Country 72. Raise a dog to have puppies 73. Ride a horse on the beach 74. Lost a loved one 75. Sell my crafts 76. Meet a boy who really loves me. 77. Have the confidence to tell someone what I really think 78. Start a new job 79. Drink more than two martinis before falling asleep 80. Dance for no one but yourself 81. Beat Super Mario Galaxy 82. Brew my own beer 83. Have a party with all of my friends 84. Plant a tree 85. Learn to say no and mean it 86. Ask for a raise 87. Drive from Atlantic to Pacific 88. Learn to take a compliment 89. Learn to trust my fingers. 90. Spend Christmas on a beach 91. Learn to complain effectively 92. Ride in a hot air balloon 93. Find a job I love. 94. Learn to bartend 95. Be comfortable with myself 96. Teach someone to read 97. Look in to my children's eyes only to see myself 98. Forgive my family 99. Get passionate about a cause and do something about it 100. Complete all 100 tasks.
(The list is partially from "100 Things you should do before you die" and partially of my own mind)

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