Saturday, January 24, 2009

Crochet Blanket in Purple

I have been crocheting this king sized blanket since the start of the new year. It will hopefully complement the quilt that I am making. I have enjoyed looking at many other blogger's images of their quilts and blankets. I think it is so wonderful to make something tangible that my family can use. I love working with fabric and yarn. I know that their is much invested time in making things this way. Other ladies at work asked me why I was going to all that trouble. I answered, 'because I enjoy it!' I have thought a lot about what she said. I think part of is the nurturing part of me to make something warm that will comfort others. The other part is making something and saying that it was all me.  I guess that is a bit self-serving, but aren't we all?
I have many different types of yarns in this blanket, I love purple! and blues too! Well no certain pattern. Just use what ever color I want. I didn't want to have too many chunky sections from using a skein of solid yarn. I have many partials from other projects. Some skeins I went out and purchased just for this project. I love that I can tell when I bought them by looking at the blanket. I am sure I will have to buy a few more  in order to make it a King, but right now I am trying to use up what I have. That is my motto for this year.

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