Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Quilts

So i found a really great idea on how to cut down three yards of fabric to make three quit toppers for baby/crib blankets. You simply fold a yard lengthwise( as it was on the bolt)and then widthwise. Then orient the folded edges to the bottom left corner. Trim fabric size to 18x21 0r 18X20 as long as all three yards are cut the same. Then from the both raw edges measure in 9 inches then cut. When done three different fabrics it yields interchangeable pieces.
Well here is the quilt put together with batting and backing. I haven't pressed it or quilted it together. Wow! I am impressed how fast this has gone, So far! It was much more cost effective for me since I needed three blankets. I will post final quilt before I wrap it up for mom.

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