Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby quilt done!

So I was able to finish the rest of the quilt today. I had to attend court this morning from an incident that was a witness to. I thought that I was going to be there much longer than planned. I came home and cleaned the house, we are leaving this weekend for a wedding. I enjoy returning from a trip to a clean home. I settled on doing a very basic machine quilt on my co-workers. I feel certain that I will put much more detail in to the one for my cousin. 

I also printed out some handmade tags. I took me about 20 min on the computer. I have really enjoyed the new printer that I got. I printed it out on some really heavy cardstock. I was very happy with my work when it was completed. I sat down and did the math about $8.50 a piece and I feel better giving something handmade. My repurposed ribbon looks a bit sad in the picture, better in reality. I will get back to the fence rail/mountain quilt when I return from the wedding.

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