Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Atlantic to The Pacific

Today, the cross country trip has officially ended. I really wanted to do the atlantic to the pacific. We started at Litchfield beach, SC on a family vacation before we left the East coast.

So, today we made it to the Pacific, it has a different feel, a different vibe, but it was still absolutely beautiful. It had been a bit grey recently, this morning the sun was out at full blast and so we took advantage of it. We went to Heceta Head, OR from Eugene it was about an hour and half drive. The coast has very few houses on it, in the area I was in, so it was kept wild. 
 In most areas it seemed that the mountains just went straight into the ocean.
 This was near an attraction called The Sea Lion Inn it seemed rather cheesy and expensive so we didn't  go in.
 Other areas were more beach like. The water sure was cold though. the Inn Keeper's home is up on the hill here but, the lighthouse is around the bluff. It was under major renovations and not really picture worthy.

This was a bit farther North in the National Park. It was not very crowed, but you can tell that a storm was rolling in.

It was truly amazing to find such beautiful amazing scenery so close to home, but honestly I think there is so much to explore that we havent discovered yet. Fall is fast approaching so, I was very excited to get out to the ocean before it got too chilly. We hope to explore more, hubby starts his first week of Phd  school tomorrow, so I am not really sure how much time we will have to travel at first.

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