Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Little Funky

Vintage chairs were a score. They swivel too. I think they fit our over all look. There are two, of course I had two perfect Kaffe handmade by me pillows to bring out more of the 60's vibe. They are velvety feeling but, polyester. I remember this color from my parents house when I was a kid, I think it is a great neutral with tan and should make a comeback. I am in love with mid century modern furniture. I find that it tends to be super expensive stuff, even more so here on the West Coast. I know these really aren't mid century modern but they seem to fit in with my pieces of furniture. I was stoked to get these two chairs for $50. Kuma likes them too, she gave them a major sniffing before allowing them to stay. I was super sad to get rid of the chair that we had in NC. It was super big and nice to curl up into. It had come from my grandmother's house and went to a friend who enjoys it. Besides, these are a little funky, rather awesome and there are two! Which makes me feel slightly more grown up.

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