Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nana's Quilt

Here is my 92 year old grandmother, I call her Nana. Nana is a piece of work. Her body is failing her but, she is very sharp. She remembers so much and lead a super interesting life. She started getting super fixated on things lately. He has always been feisty, but her fixation is the newest thing the family has noticed with her age.
She wanted these fabric curtains panels made into a light weight bed covering. She ripped out the old seams herself a year ago and started trying to pin it together. When I got to her house it was all laid out on the bed.
She had apparently asked everyone about who to take it to. They all told her that I might be able to help her. So right before I left NC I made this quilt for her.
It was quickly made and super basic. I simply pieced together two curtain panels and added a solid back and thin cotton batting . The cornice board is still up on the window in her bedroom from when she picked out the sweet birds in the 70's.
The heavy drapes panels had been taken down along long time ago.
She had a heavy comforter on the bed and couldn't move it around with her weak wrists. She didn't want batting but I convinced her otherwise.
I tried to tell her that the black acidic ink in the birds beaks were eating through the fabric. She did not care, she wanted the blanket. I did however spend quite a bit of time trying to patch some holes.
I think that it lightens the room and I have since heard her say so many nice things about it. I am concerned about it being washed and worsening small holes. I just hope that it lasts and my aunts don't wonder why it's so hastily done.

This is my Grandfather holding my Dad, Nana and Aunt Elayne
I would say 1952. I recently learned that women purposely would pose like this in the '50. I think it is awesome and I would look this amazing too.

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