Monday, May 5, 2014

Awesome Handmade Baby Gifts

I know a handful of new mamas having boys this summer. I am always looking for a new quick gift to give my friends and family.
Here is what I came up with for a dear friend and his new babe.
Baby bandana bibs are just too damn cute and  way too easy not to make. Using my favorite go-to Pinterest, I found a few I liked with links to actual patterns. I sized them up and decided to cut my own from the newly purchased Swedish Tracing Paper. Simple 11" right triangle, then folded on the center I cut 1inch down then over to the 11" edge. Thus creating a small removal of fabric, so it fits better around the neck. 
I choose one flannel side paired with a cotton quilting weight fabric. These are all reversible. I used Velcro on the opposite sides and opposite corners so the would match up. I had every single item in my stash. So I was happy I didn't have to run out and purchase anything.
Of course I sent a copy of Where the Wild Things Are. I think I give it to every mama.
I also made this super changing mat from things in my stash. 
This was a challenge for me but I think it is cool 
It gets folded rather small. 
Then, Ta- Da!! 
Oh, I had to make the matching hand ball with links and threw in a wipes case. Plastic lining makes for easy cleanup and pocket for diapers.

Here it is all wrapped up ready for it's trip across the country. 
Now what mama wouldn't love those cool handmade goodies. 

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