Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Great Aunts House

 I have a great aunt that is 92, she lives off a finger of the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. She is a staunch democrat and environmentalist and historian. She lives in a home that was built in part of a 1800's farm house. It was added on to a few times with close attention to detail. She has a wonderful eye for antiques and decorating. We picked a wonderful weekend to visit. There was a nice cool breeze the entire time we were there. She has no air condition.
 She lives on a few acres of land that consists of two fields split by this cedar lined driveway. The cedars were planted in the late 70's it is amazing how big they are.
 Part of the family sitting on the dock. We had a great time together visiting, laughing and educating.
I took many pictures but, this is my favorite. I couldnt help but feel that the rest of our family who is no longer on this earth was with us in heart and spirit. I found it very healing to be in her home and with my family on such a beautiful weekend.

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  1. So incredibly beautiful! I am glad you all had such a wonderful time. It sounds like such a special trip!