Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Busy Day

I have finally completed all of the blocks for the king size mountain fence rail . I used up a heck of a lot of fabric in order to create the 224 7.5x7.5 blocks. It feels good to put the fabric to work. After I embroider on a handful of blocks I will start on piecing it all together. This will be interesting to see how heavy it is. I want to quilt it. I am super concerned that I wont have the room to do it. We'll see!
I also created these super adorable pillows out of Kaffe fabric. I recently fell head over heals for this fabric. It certainly spices up my boring leather couch. A quilt is next to come!!! So super excited over these little guys. I bought the best inserts I could find. I have found it makes a huge difference. They are the perfect size.


  1. These pillows are so precious~ The mountain quilt will be amazing. I can't wait to see the top together with all the colors. You amaze me!!

  2. This quilt will be amazing! I don't know how you keep making so many things! I'm so proud of all of your creations!!!