Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I know that its not winter anymore....

I realize that spring has sprung. There are little flowers all over my yard. I have avoided mowing the lawn because it looks so lush out my window.  In the south we had an abnormally harsh winter. I am so enjoying putting on shorts and going barefoot. Unfortunately, I haven' t felt all that great. I  have been getting in the bed earlier and working on crafts. I hope that I can get on the up swing of things so I can spend more time outside. 
Even though it getting warm out side. I still want cozy soft things to surround myself with. I bought this Angora yarn back in February with my B-day money. 
I started the bigger scarf a week ago, when I went to put the edging on. I realized I had stitched a few of the edges wrong. I went to fix one and I ended up undoing the whole thing. I had all these nice size yarn balls wedged between the pillows. When I made the scarf for the second time I ended up with leftovers. I made the little thin scarf to sell. They are both sooooooo soft. I wish that I had enough money to buy a ton of this yarn and make a blanket out of it. I wish I could use them now. 
I also spoke of my yellow dyed curtains for the living room in an earlier post. I had only posted a shot of the teal ones I made for the bedroom. I love the yellow. They let the light in, but the neighbors from looking in.  So, here we are.

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  1. I think we're ready to open the store! Very cute scarves!!