Thursday, March 25, 2010

Silver Make-up bag

This was my old make-up bag. I made it out of the silver vinyl. I created it before I had the blog. It is the perfect size and very durable. The zipper was never sewed in properly. I have noticed that the holes around the seam at the zipper were getting big and I was losing make-up in my car. So here is prototype #2
I re-used the button, ribbon and zipper. I hope that this one last as long as the other one did. I also mastered the art of putting the zipper in. I really enjoyed recreating the project and working out the bugs. I inverted the diagonal on the side seam. I kept losing the smaller items in the corners. It also makes the opening seem bigger. I didn't do any decorative stitching, it was hard to see on the old one. Took me about 30 minutes start to finish. The hardest part is turning the bag right side out after sewing. The vinyl is super stiff. My hands always ache after using the vinyl to make bags.

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