Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Iam a huge fan of Earth Day, I love natural sciences and enjoy digging in the dirt. I have tried to make it a tradition in the last few years to plant something for the awesome day.

This year we did more digging in the dirt than normal. I planted two heirloom versions of tomatos. I found the rosemary in the half off section of a small garden shop down the street. They also had free japanese maple saplings for Earth Day celebration. I weaved they two together. I really really hope they take root.

Strawberries in a hanging basket should sprawl well. We wanted all of the outdoor items in containers because we expect to move mid summer.
We also purchased three bio-degradable containers. They wont bio-degrade in 10 years but, if it they do end up in a landfill they wont take as long as plastic.

I love the ridges in the low ones for succulents. I already had the succulents they just needed to be spaced out better. Love your mother.

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