Monday, April 22, 2013

Quick Fold Over Clutch

I needed a modern clutch for a wedding rehearsal dinner. This wedding and all of the events are rather dressy. I have spent money on a few items, mostly dresses. I want to make my own dress but fear it won't be right and I would have spent all this time doing it. I am not a seamstress Iam mainly a quilter. So, I shall leave dressmaking to another place in time.

I quickly realized I was going to have to settle on making an accessory. Jewels were out so I got it stuck in my head that I should do a clutch.
So this was the result to wear with my new cobalt jacket and my grey and black leather trimmed dress.

I had a few tricks to making this bag in only a few hours.  I dont have exact measurements to share. I would like to share my process on making these. It is much like other things, I look at something, size it up, then make slight alterations (usually aesthetic design). 
I see fold over clutches in style, which lead me to pick  up one in Forever21 opened it and checked out the construction. I didn't like the color or cheap chain. I went home empty handed to my bins of fabric. This silver vinyl has served its purpose for many creations. I feel that vinyl is a great item to sew with because it is so durable. I use my cheap Brother sewing machine and it sews through with a newer needle with great ease. I rarely sew through multiple vinyl layers, I cannot attest to that.
 I like duck cloth canvas too much and have a nice stash. After a few projects the silver is running low so I basically decided on the exact size for the clutch based on the size of vinyl scrap I had. From that I cut the canvas at the same width. I use a self-healing mat and rotary cutter with ruler, I just didn't look at the measurements really. I realize that seems odd, I find that I get a better looking finished piece if I go with my gut rather than the inch. There is a lining that came from a purple pillow case and a grey zipper inside. The zippers I keep on stash. I buy them longer than most and cut them down to size if needed. It seems to be easier to cut one down than make it longer. I box in the zipper in 2-3 wide strips of canvas. 
Then added the vinyl end and canvas to the other. Attached the lining with a small hole in the bottom for turning and inserted some rectangles of poly fiber board. It is the secret in making it stiff and keep its shape. I cant wait to use it! It is awesome that it cost me so little, and if someone likes it, I get to say that I made it.

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