Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yummy Yarn Creations

I ended up with a lovely cowl for me and a chunky beanie for my hubby. I am over the moon about the green cowl. The alpaca is so soft next to my face. I have a bit left over and intend to make myself a beanie. This cowl looks rather dressy and causal at the same time. I have also discovered that it fits over my head like a hood on those blustery days. I might have to put it up for a few months, but I can wait to rediscover this staple item when winter rolls back around. I did not use a pattern to create this cowl. I  just started with a circle size I liked and then added a few stitches every few rows in order to make a cone shape. I ended up with some extra yarn and intend on making myself a beanie.
I am wearing my hubby's beanie in this lower shot. It fits me too, major bonus points. Again, no pattern used. I started at the crown with a rather large hook and simply had him try it on as I went along, adding stitches as needed. I enjoyed that the yellow created a swirl pattern. This was a lovely yarn to work with and will indeed be a warm item.  I do tend to like my beanies a bit slouchier than this, but I started to run out of yarn and at $15 a pop (skein) I wasn't about to run down the street to buy more.

Stay warm this chilly spring my friends!

Oh, I just realized this is my 200th post! :-) I didnt know I had that much to say over the last few years. I love this more for me than any viewer, but its nice that you are out there! Leave me a comment sometime.

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  1. Hey Molly!! Love reading your blog, I just heard about it from Jason. I hope that all is well there in Eugene. We should make a knitting project together, like a knit along! FB message me if you are interested :) I have a blog too if you wanna check it out: Happy crafting! Katey McDonald