Wednesday, December 7, 2011


 I helped my mom polish silver recently before Thanksgiving. She keeps these hidden away in the chest most of the year. When she was a kid this is what her family ate off of every single day. They didn't own cheap stuff until she went off to college. This pie server above is by far my favorite. The etchings on the handle are absolutely beautiful.
 These are the dessert forks. They are so small and delicate most are engraved with either a M or a W.  I can tell the original set from the pieces bought in the 50's.
This is about the size of a soup spoon. I have no idea what this is really for. I love the cut metal part. I feel very fortunate that my family treated them with care even after eating off them everyday for 60 years or more. I would never eat off them everyday but, I will never part with them.

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