Sunday, December 11, 2011

Busy Little Elf

I have been a busy elf as of late. I wanted to try to make as many gifts as possible. I have not only made gifts, but I am also making gift wrapping. I gave my mom a set of different fabrics and sizes last year for her gifts. She said she would use them again this year. I wanted more for my self to use and so I made these today.
My original thinking was that I wanted to get away from the bags and bags of paper and trash that are created every year from the wrappings on Christmas morning. I realized how special the handmade bags made the gift receiver feel, which is an awesome plus. So, I purchased more fabric in January again when Christmas fabric is on sale. I use ribbon and bells that I have had in my stash to cinch up the bags. The bells keep the nosey types from opening before Christmas. I hope to have these bags for many more years to come. I hope to make more in larger sizes. Would you reuse a cloth bag like this if your gift came in one?


  1. You could totally sell these....such a green and trendy thing right now and they are adorable!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I hope to soon!