Tuesday, December 13, 2011


 I saw on The Daily What where someone had made a gingerbread house that looked like The Weasley's home from HP, The Deathly Hallows. It is dang impressive. It made me think of this huge one we saw in Texas at The Gaylord in Dallas over Thanksgiving. This bad boy in Texas had over 40,000 pieces of candy stuck to it. 
 They had Shrek in Ice on the other side of the hotel and this was in the giant atrium with "gingy" on it!
It had a candy store inside where a single lollipop cost 5 bucks! We'll I am sure it was an expensive house to build on prime real estate.
I love how children have pulled off pieces of candy. I cant imagine myself doing that even as a child, nor would my parents allow it! I made one once out of graham crackers when I was in girl scouts. Its just not the same as these masterpieces! I must say it is rather folksy and crafty and it crys out to my creative side saying oh you know you want to make one!

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