Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas & New Years Wishes

We have big plans for the holidays. The next two weeks including driving two trips and seeing my entire side of family,  a seeing a huge concert with lots of friends, quite a few parties and work between! I am honestly rather excited to get on the road. I am not really tired or overwhelmed. I have been very excited to start 2012. I have many things that I would like to accomplish. One of those things being selling a few of my creative items. I am not really a promoter and hope to work on this. Before I get to far ahead of myself, I thought I would reflect on this year.
2011 has been amazing for my little family. I got two job promotions and love my job. My hubby got his Masters Degree and became a Professor of Linguistics.  We were able to travel and see lots of N. Carolina this past year.

The wonderful trip to OBX in May was a great time for our family and two graduates! We had a great time visiting my aunts home in the summer on the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia. This fall we went to the N. Carolina mountains for my mom and hubby's birthdays.  We just got back from visiting my in-laws in Texas and had a great time.

Kuma is in heaven in the back yard this winter, after the hot summer we had. She is still all smiles and make us laugh everyday.
I created two quilts and quite a few other items, I still love creating and cant wait to get started on some other projects. Hubby has started on his applications for doctorate programs and continues his research and works hard on his beard.
We feel very fortunate for all that we have and we are so excited to see what the future has to hold for us.
We have big hopes and dreams for this up and coming year.
Wishing everyone a holiday season filled with Love, Laughter, Friends and Family!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Merry Christmas Molly! So glad you are so happy! One of these years we will all have to get together! xo xo