Saturday, January 7, 2012


I am sorry, I have abandoned the blog since the holidays. Honestly, I am not that busy. We have been home for a week,  took down the decorations and I am working (hard), but I have time.  The time I usually spend writing on the blog has been pinning on Pinterest. I am officially obsessed. I have spent hours pinning and scrolling. I love the concept. I am not one to want to steal others ideas and act like they are my own. That is why every picture on this blog I or my sister took. Or, I asked if I could use it. I like Pinterest because it is a great way of keeping track of all the super ideas and inspiration that I see out there, Now I can hold on it with out claiming it as my own. I LOVE it! Check me out!
Hope you are having a more productive 2012 than I am. Use with caution.
I have been productive, if you can define that as getting well deserved rest and relaxation and feeding my heart and soul so I can start the year off filled with awesome ideas.
I am also obsessed with the Camellias from my back yard.

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