Sunday, January 8, 2012

Camera Strap Cover

I made this camera strap from $5 worth of velcro, scraps of fabric I had and about fat quarter of fabric, and batting. I looked up the sizing of the camera strap (Its a gift, I didn't have one to measure) on the Canon website. Make sure you find the width and lenght of the exisiting strap and double that and add 3 inches. Most padded part of all straps are 20 inches, but look that up too.
 I started by piecing Kaffe scraps to make one side of my strap. It was about 30 inches wide and 10 inch tall.
 I sewed on the 20 inch Velcro piece along the pressed scrap pieces leaving 5 inches at the top and bottom. The opposite side of the Velcro was attached to the outer fabric onto the opposite side. This allows for the strap to be reversed! I layered the scrap side batting and stripe fabric and sewed almost all the way around. I flipped it inside out. Then pressed with the iron. Then I top stitched all the way around making sure to seal up my hole that allowed it to flip inside out.
 I picked a favorite fabric of Kaffe stripe for the other side and included a folder over pocket for battery pack or card. Batting between the two pieces of quilting fabric makes the camera much sturdier.
The Velcro hides the strap and is set back enough so it wont scratch your neck..well my sister's. This was her birthday gift from me. Love ya Lady!

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