Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MacBook Case

I had promised my hubby awhile ago that I would make a computer cover for his new MacBook Pro. I told him this to deter a 48.00 purchase at the mac store.  It took me too long to make it but, it had everything that I wanted to include. It is made out of duck canvas. I used lots of thick and rigid batting to pad the computer. 

 I made sure it had a big enough pocket so the power cord is always with the computer. I ended up stitching a pen pocket to make the pocket tighter. The pocket and computer opening have a large tab and button closure. I like buttons over velcro normally.  This is an awesome vintage blue button from my great aunt's stash.
I used navy micro fleece as a super soft liner. Then I used navy thread with a zig-zag stitch in order to create a pattern on the duck cloth and quilting it at the same time. Making case included a bit of trial and error. At first it was too loose and then too small. I had a time getting my Singer through all the layers of the padding and canvas. My arms hurt the next morning from force feeding the fabric. The top thread  kept. breaking. It took many adjustments to get it finally. He started using it right after I made it and loves it. I just hope it wont get too dirty, since the duck canvas is a light color. Next time, I hope I can get projects done when I want to. The entire project only took me four hours. Most of the time was spent troubleshooting my pattern and the sewing machine thread tension. I love the modern look of the finished project. 

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