Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shrek in Ice

 We went to Texas for Thanksgiving to visit my hubby's parents. They wanted to take us to do something cool. We went to the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. It is a huge hotel with an awesome lobby. This is the glass dome over head.
Palo Duro canyon replica had a giant twirling frosty. There were many other sweet decorations. There was a life size ginger bread house covered in candy, huge sleigh to sit in and trains that ran through a mini village.
Then we went to the convention center part of the hotel to see Shrek made out of Ice. It was 8 degrees in there. The block of dyed ice are carved for 2 months in a giant refrigerator by master carvers from China. In northern China, they make buildings and temples to walk through with lights embedded into the ice before carving. I think that would be so awesome to see. This was the most fun thing that we did in Texas.
It's crazy I look at Shrek carved out of ice and I see Mike Meyers. These guys are artist.

 I loved how intricate the detail and the work had been done. They had eyebrows and eyelashes. There were  about 10 different little scenes that had been carved and a giant ice slide and inner tube slide

That's me and my issued coat. It was really cold in there! I love Shrek and Donkey! The Gaylord Texan reconfirms that Everything is bigger in Texas.

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