Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Growing

Its been hot here and our Earth Day Garden has been growing. We had to move them off the stoop they got to be so big. I hope that we can get to them before the squirrels do. 
Our yard has turned into hay and started to crack. It is amazing to me that it can rain for 7 months straight and then this summer it is already dry. It seems like it just stopped raining. People don't really plant much into the ground with out a ton of topsoil or using container gardens. It has been quite lovely here. It is hot but, with out humidity and the constant breeze. I am rather enjoying it. We have done quite a bit of traveling, which I hope to share images soon.
 I am quite proud of our maters:
I am also quite proud of my Tater:
She turned 10 the other day! Kuma Bear, Tater Tot, Sweet Tater, Baby Girl, Fat one happy dog.  This is her favorite bone and has been with us for many years. She is doing well for her age, she is a bit stiff, lazy and sometimes grumpy. Who can blame a 70 year old! She still loves to play at her age, get dirty, and eat. She is my protector and best friend. 

I love having her by my side and she seems to love being there too. She is such a well behaved happy buddha! She sure has grown since we got her, back when hubby and I started dating. Its hard to imagine life with out her. Happy Birthday Kuma!

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