Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mama's Bag

I made this purse for my mama. She came to visit last weekend and we just hung out around Raleigh, eating good food and  doing a bit of shoe shopping. My mama just retired from her state job of 30 years! I am so proud of her. She seems so excited about the future ahead. If I retired I would buy myself a new sewing machine and sew away. 
This bag has the inside is the top of blue jeans that I recycled. I just sew the zipper and legs closed. It makes great pockets with out all the work. I cut the leg of jeans into strips and make these awesome bowls. I like how the stripes are on the side pleat and strap.

Here are the morning glories that are creeping up my fence still. They are amazingly resilient through the blazing summer and hung on into the fall. I still have slugs chewing up the leaves. I have been excited to turn off the A/C and open up the windows. Happy Fall Ya"ll !

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