Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh My, Its April?

Wow, March disappeared.  I have had grand intentions of trying to be better about blogging at least once a week, Ooops! Well, I am here now and that is what counts right? April started off cold, I was very concerned about the tulips that my hubby planted would not make it! Not all, but a lot did. I had yellow, dark pink and these orange tulips everywhere. It was super nice because they came in right after the daffodils finished up. I adore this shot of the tulips tucked in between the trunks of pecan trees. My hubby gets rather whimsical in his seed/ bulb placement. He was sooo excited about these coming up between the trees. I was a tad late in taking the shots. Most of the tulips have fallen open.  However, it makes for an awesome display of colors. I hope to use the shot above in some artwork or masthead. I promise that I will try not to have just trees and flowers to show you. To be honest though, flowers, nature, and trees are a huge part of my life. I incredibly fortunate to live in N. Carolina surrounded by green and flowers. They are inspiring in many ways!

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  1. beautiful tulips Mol! i wish i had your green thumb.