Saturday, April 9, 2011

Journal Cover

Here is the journal cover I made for my self recently. I am a list maker, doodler and all around space cadet. This requires me to always need paper and pen. I make many lists through out the day, most are work and shopping related. My favorite list are pros/ cons and bucket style lists. I have gotten to many goals in life from a silly list. Silly as it may sound this is a huge tool that has gotten me here today.
I needed something pretty to mask how busy those lists make my life.
I love the mix of these fabric scraps. The teal to the right gets folded over to make the lining, don't forget a ribbon and a pocket.
Here it is  with the teal lining folded and pressed under.
Yellow quilting really made this item more modern. I found a perfect purple velvet button for the ribbon to wrap around the back. Next time I'll  make it a tad roomier and pocket much longer. I still love it and did you catch that it matches my sun glass case?

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