Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flea Market

I have been on a hunt for chairs. We are having a party and we have no chairs. I am trying to keep it cheap and non-plastic, I have been to four consignment shops, and scooped out a few yards sales. I also went to Shelton's in downtown Raleigh on W. Morgan. I loved that spot. The older man that works there is not the nicest of man, but they do have a heck of a lot of awesome finds. I bought a sweet mid- century side table. Still is not a chair but, I love it and had to have it! Ill show you later.  I also went to the Flea Market as it was closing up.
I have mentioned this before, but I would like to reiterate how much I personally enjoy the NC State Fair Grounds. I live 10 mins. from this awesomeness! I took my sister on the way back from Chapel Hill. My sister actually took these shots with my camera, Thanks Lil! The top shot is  looking into this giant cart that is filled with small cast iron figures, hooks, and plaques. This cart is always there. I look in it every time I go, one day I will buy something from the menagerie. 
Lil and I love these crystal door knobs. Our great aunt had amazing cut glass/ crystal door knobs in her home that our family built in the 1910's. It was an amazing place to grow up visiting, these reminded us both of that house.

Someday, I will own a dress form, this one was old and difficult to size. Also, Uncle Sam didn't give me that much tax money back. I  finally found a cheap chair that I bought from this dude who wears a black velvet top hat. He is very animated and conversational. Always makes me smile. I have learned to look for certain faces. Some booths are filled with junk, but most are awesome.

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